Financial Training and Development

Dominion provides financial education to increase financial literacy.

Basic Finances

Having a working knowledge of basic financial terms can help a person to avoid financial mistakes and pitfall. Budgeting is a key way to manage one’s personal finances.

Credit Management

In today’s society, we must understand how credit works. It’s important to know your Credit Score, the difference between good credit vs bad credit, and how to build and maintain a good credit history.


Buying a home is not an easy process. It’s important to know the difference between buying and renting. Understanding the types of mortgages is essential to a home-buyer. As a first-time home buyer, the homebuying process can be scary and intimidating. Having homebuying knowledge will help with the process.


The basics to investing is essential to making personal investing. It is important to find the right financial advisor to help establish your goals and strategize a plan to reach those goals. can be di


Retiring requires planning and saving for the future Now. Having the right retirement savings can ensure one’s lifestyle is maintained for the future.

Insurance and Protection

Today, people need insurance. People need to know why they need insurance and the types of insurance and protections they will need to manage the risk of loss to a minimum.

Small Business

As an entrepreneur, one should have a Business Plan. As a part of the business plan, the future entrepreneur should prepare a forecast of operating activities. The business owner must know how to turn his numbers into knowledge.

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