Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, potential members can attend the first 20 minutes of the general membership meeting, which are held quarterly.

Send an e-mail requesting to attend general membership meeting to Please include your phone number in the e-mail.

A membership in Dominion Partners costs $1,000. Each member is required to complete, sign and notarize the following documents: Acknowledgment of Risk of Loss , Confidentiality Agreement, Designation of Beneficiary Instructions, Beneficiary Designation Form

Upon receipt of the completed documents and $1,000, we will send the Operating Agreement and Policy Handbook via e-mail. The Operating Agreement must be signed and returned via e-mail to  

The general membership meetings are helad at the end of each quarter, i.e. Apr, July, Oct, Jan. Dates/Time/Location: TBD quarterly.

If you have any questions, please email or call 404-585-8748.

Send your resume and 3 references via e-mail to Dominion’s Integrity Control Officer Attention Faith Trimble at, include the Committee and Committee Director.

The Committee Directors are as follows:

1 Franchise – Dr Michael Acker

2 Real Estate – Vickie Thomas Swoope

3 Marketing – Mary H. Best

4 Finance – Charlnetter Haley

Projects are evaluated by the Board. Once a project is deemed to move forward, it is taken to the general membership for a vote. Each member will receive a ballot electronically.

If a  member wants to withdraw, he/she must send the company a notice of request to withdraw in writing.

The company has the right to purchase the member’s interest at its value less 20%.

The company gives the member a notice stating its intent to purchase at value less 20%.

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Join 300 members as we take dominion over our finances and create a strong financial legacy for generations to come.

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