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About Us:

The Dominion Partners, LLC is a privately-owned company bringing members together through project-based transactions.  We are not your ordinary firm.  You can play a major role in determining what is purchased. The Dominion Partners, LLC has committees knowledgeable in the areas of Real Estate and Franchising.  Our team consists of various professionals with extensive experience in a broad array of disciplines.  Membership in Dominion Partners will allow you to attend various trainings conducted by business, legal and professionals in other areas.  We want to ensure that Dominion Partner members are equipped with the knowledge to move forward.

Founder’s Note:

In this year as we are taking “Dominion”, I thought it was imperative The Dominion Partners, LLC was established to create entrepreneurship for CAG Members through franchising and investments. The basic concept was to identify 300 individuals investing $1000, as we take dominion over our finances and create a strong financial legacy for ourselves, our families and the next generation. As Proverbs 13:22 states; A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. This investment group is leveraged to acquire franchises, land, real-estate and make financial positions to grow the wealth of our people, while employing our people, building up our people and preparing ourselves and future generations for financial independence and successful living. The Dominion Partners, LLC is directed by the Board of Directors, which consist of professionals who are all knowledgeable and skilled in their area of expertise. I am confident that the future of the Dominion Partners, LLC will be a successful endeavor.

~Bishop Paul S. Morton

Founder │Dominion Partners, LLC

Vision & Mission:

VISION: Taking dominion over our finances to create a strong financial legacy for ourselves, our families and the next generation.

MISSION: To contribute financial resources to acquire Franchises, Land and Real Estate; provide financial education to increase financial literacy in people and employ people for financial independence and empower them for successful living.


Real Estate:

Identify, analyze, purchase and manage cash flowing rehab properties and new construction. The purpose of the Real Estate Division is to identify, analyze, purchase and manage cash flowing properties, that would be the best fit for our company, and members. We look for opportunities to rehab properties, to provide an additional source of housing. This in turn provides our members with a second level of returns on their investment. Finally, we will seek out opportunities to get involved in all aspects of new construction, which has the potential to bring our members the highest return on their investment.


Seek out, research and vet viable franchise opportunities in the areas of health, service & food. The responsibility of the Franchise Division is to seek out, research and vet viable franchise opportunities that are a good fit for The Dominion Partners organization (TDP, LLC). TDP, LLC’s franchising initiatives will initially focus in the areas of health, service & food and currently owns and operates a ComForCare Home Care franchise. 


Better Business Bureau


Federal Trade Commission: Franchise and Business Opportunities


Small Business Administration


GA Small Business






Financial Literacy


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